Cyber Security


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Cyber threats represent significant commercial risk. With such threats increasing in volume and complexity and information security expertise in short supply, many enterprises are vulnerable to breaches, downtime and non-compliance. Our Cyber Security team responds with cutting-edge solutions that identify, mitigate and manage cyber threats around the clock. At the same time, they ensure confidentiality, integrity and the flow of information.

We take a pragmatic and expert approach to information security.  We focus on understanding the real risks, defining a clear strategy, implementing controls and addressing people, process and technology. Our response is a fully managed service that enables organisations to benefit from the latest security technologies.

Through a global team of accredited security experts, we deliver a wide range of Managed Security Services. Amongst other elements, these focus on Firewall & VPN, Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Security Monitoring, Log Management, Vulnerability & Threat Management and Family Office Security.

Additionally, our consultancy team work closely with organisations to improve their security and compliance. Services include organisational and network risk assessment, security testing, information security strategy, implementing security controls and incident response. Whatever our precise involvement, we enable clients’ business and bring them lasting peace of mind.