Risk Management


Our corporate risk management expertise helps clients protect their people, property, information, reputation and share value. Using industry leading techniques and drawing on our extensive experience across Alameda Group, we combine tailored risk assessment with security planning and management.

By working with clients from early planning stages, we help them understand prevalent threats and identify potential risks to their operations.In turn, this helps them make well-informed, timely decisions to allocate the right resources to mitigate and manage those risks. As a result, clients benefit from more efficient operations, reduced insurance premiums and a competitive edge in complex, less accessible markets.

Our holistic approach to security planning encompasses: security risk assessments; procedural, technical and physical site security; security management; crisis and evacuation planning; incident response; journey management; and staff training. Often, an embedded Alameda Group consultant manages ongoing risk by implementing and overseeing operations. Alternatively, we offer procedural reviews, staff training and 24/7 crisis response support for those clients who don’t require a full-time security consultant,We Provide with Security and Corporative Logistics in Spain and Armed security services in Spain,Bodyguards in StTropez,Bodyguard Services in Miami and Morocco.Close Protection services in Madrid and Europe,Bodyguards in Mallorca,Bodyguards in Barcelona,Bodyguards in Ibiza and Bodyguards in Sardinia.

“Risk Comes from not knowing what you’re doing”

Warren Buffett