About Us


We Provide Security and Top Protection Services in Spain to CEOs,Diplomats,Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) and their families as well as celebrities are often more susceptible to threats.We provide Close Protection and VIP Security Solutions to ensure individuals are kept as safe and protected as possible.Either deployed as an individual bodyguard or security team,our Operatives have extensive experience providing executive protection.We handle any security environment in Spain,across europe And globally.

Our vision is to build Alameda Group into a class leading Spain Secure brand in the form of a fully integrated Spain Risk Advisory and Investment business synonymous with traditional merchant banking values and a considered,intelligent Security approach to addressing individual and corporate risks.We believe that by combining these qualities and experience we offer a distinct and compelling offering that sets us apart from other Spain security firms.

Spain Security Services includes from Security services in Madrid,Barcelona,Marbella till all Europe cities like London,Sardinia,Monaco,St Tropez and Paris.We provide attributes to help out our clients to solve the most exacting Worldwide security challenges and Bussiness seize opportunities working with the Best Europe Security Firms subcontracting them.

Alameda Group is an independent, Spain global risk consultancy specialising in political changes,Personal Protection integrity and Spain security Protection Services.We help some of the most influential organisations in the world to understand and manage the risks and opportunities of operating in complex or hostile environments with vast experience in Spain,Europe,Africa and South America.

“Action is the Foundational key to all success”

-Pablo Picasso